Sushi Fetish

I went take a trip to the bar tonight with my bestie and in the process I happened upon an awesome sushi pose. Now this pose would totally cure anyones sushi fetish. The pose is from Something New called Her Sushi Fetish. It is available at the Sex Fetish until February 20th, 2019 for only 150L. Now this pose is a f/f and it does come with the props which includes the table, sushi and the chopsticks. This pose is a must have because it totally gives you another way of eating sushi.
When it comes to fetishes you totally gotta wear something sexy so I have for ya'll lingerie from Ello called Mia. The lingerie has ruffles around the tops lining and the skirt. If you are looking for something erotic this lingerie fits perfectly. It is at Designer Showcase until February 28th, 2019 for 199L. The mesh body sizes is Freya, Hourglass, Maitreya and Physique. Mia comes with 10 colors for both the top and bottom including the ruffles.
Up next is an awesome set if you are an anti- valentine day person like me. It is from Junk Food called Anti Valentine which is a gacha at the Gacha Garden for 50L a play. It includes the cookie tray which is a rare and if you click on it then it gives you a black or pink cookie. There is an Anti Gumball Machine which if you play 20 times you get the machine and it is a limited edition for the round. The commons includes black and white candles, the voodoo doll which is shown, mugs and cookies.

The next thing is another Junk Food for the Love Bites Hunt which ends February 17th, 2019. There are 7 red hearts around the store that is 25L each. The prizes includes the Cosmo pink carton that is shown andthe Emergency Wine. There is also player 1 and 2 gamer pillows, pixel heart mugs in black and white which is animated and rez. There is also a princess cupcake, daisies in a bag, happy heart lolli in black and pink.
The next thing is safe words from {zfg} which is a gacha that is for The Gacha Life until February 28th, 2019. The safe words comes with 12 safe words that you have a chance of getting. There is also other gachas available from {zfg} so make sure to go on down and check them before the round ends.
The dart board is also another Junk Food which is part of the Anti Valentine at Gacha Garden called Jerk Dartboard that is also the rare item. What is awesome about the board is that you can put a picture of someone in the middle and have fun throwing darts at their head.

Clothing Info
Outfit: Ello Mia Lingerie @ Designer Showcase until February 28th, 2019 (Price: 199L)
Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins Nephlyn - Lights - Sand
Eyes: Ikon Promise Eyes - Paradise (Price: 150L)
Hair: =DeLa*= Bruna – Amazing Pack (Price: 350L)
Mesh Head: [GA.EG] Jennifer Bento Mesh Head (Price: 2,800L)
Mesh Body: Maitreya Lara (Price: 2,750L)
Shape: 7 Deadly s{K]ins Judith (Price: 350L)

Junk Food Anti Valentine Gacha @ Gacha Garden (Price: 50L a play)
Junk Food Love Bites Hunt  until February 17th, 2019 (Price: 25L each for 7 items)
{zfg} Home Safe Word Gacha @ The Gacha Life until February 28th, 2019 
OTB! Bruxton Bar (Price: 399L)
Gaia Modern Home Bar with Drinks (Price: 10L)

Something New Her Sushi Fetish @ Sex Fetish until February 20th, 2019 (Price: 150L)

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