Porch Heaven

My rocking chairs are from Raindale called Estwards Rocking Chair. It is available at the main store. The rocking chairs comes in 3 versions which are with cushions, no decor and with cushion plus blanket. They do come with 18 sit animations.
The next set is also another Raindale which is called Murlyn Porch Swing. Now the ropes on this swing can be stretched out which allows you to fit the swing to your liking. It comes with 20 solo and 7 couple animations. The swing does come with a color hud that has 3 wood and 3 fabric textures. You can find this set at the main store. Raindale
---------------------------------------------------------- Decor List
Raindale Estwards Rocking Chair Raindale Murlyn Porch Swing [Rezz Room] Box Bulldog Puppy Sleep [Rezz Room] Box Dog Cart Salacity Romance Rug - Contemporary  **Mistique** Ansa Table Beige


My first post for July includes this amazing decor store called Raindale. The first one is these cute floaties called Sundwell Floaties. The floaties comes in rings, mattresses and a lounge. Each of them comes with rotating versions and without. They are sold in PG that has 24 solo and 24 PG poses. The adult versions comes with over 20 poses plus the PG poses. The rings though only have 5 PG and 8 solo poses. It does come with a texture hud that has 10 colors to choose from. They are available at Cosmopolitan until July 11th, 2020. Cosmopolitan
The beach towels and parasol along with the radio is another Raindale item called Southern Shore. The parasol comes with 10 colors which is 5 solid and 5 stripes. The beach towels do come in both PG and adult versions. The PG comes with 26 solo and 23 PG animations. The adult comes with 27 poses plus the PG. The set does come with the radios in pink, blue and yellow. Beach towels do come in 10 pattern shades. You can find it at the main store.

Beach Life

Living the beach life you can't ever go wrong with some hammocks and teepees because that is totally what beaches are suppose to have. My hammock from Raindale called Sunbury Hammock. The hammock only comes in the color that is shown. It has 20 solo animations along with 10 couple animations. The hammock is PG version only. It is available at the main store.
The teepee is another Raindale item called Beaumon Teepee. It comes with a few solo and couple animations. The teepee does come with 10 colors including the teepee, blanket and cushions. This set is the PG version. It is also available at the main store. Raindale
My chairs and firepit is part of the Beach gacha set from MOoH! which comes with a ton of gacha items that you can get. The gacha items ranges from chairs, towels plus even a hut that is the rare item in the set. You can find this set located at the main store. MOoH!

Ocean Fun

My bikini which is completely awesome is from *B.D.R.* called Pool Party. This bikini was part of the Cruel Summer hunt which has now ended. It comes with 5 transparent wet shades which I completely love each and every one of them. The bikini has mesh sizes for Belleza, eBody, Legacy, Maitreya and Slink. *B.D.R.*
My dotted Inner Tube is from Khargo and it comes with tons of single animations along with couple poses. There is also 2 other inner tubes to choose between. Khargo
My hair is from Exile called Yvette. It is the new Summerfest exclusive hair that is available to you. Like all of Exile's hairs this one comes with a few styling options and a ton of color options. Summerfest Exile
I used the FOXITY SkinFX Volume 1 light in Envy. The envy is for dark windlights which makes it look pretty awesome. The pack does come with light and dark windlight skin effects. FOXCITY

Beauty In The Eyes

My nails are from CAZIMI called Ballerina Short in the Sample Set pack. They are mesh nails and only for Maitreya. These nails do come with 5 neutral shades. The fun thing about this set is that you can change the nails individually which means you can have one color for each nail or the entire set one color. They are located at the main store.  CAZIMI
My eyes are also from CAZIMI called Infatuation which is also located at the main store. Now these eyes do have 3 packs that comes with 8 colors in each. The set that I'm showing is in Natural but there is Intense and Supernatural. The Intense eyes is beyond intense if you want that extra pop of color. Now for the Supernaturals they go awesome for a supernatural them that the naturals don't have. The eyes come with Omega and system appliers. They do come in small or large sizes. CAZIMI

Kissed By The Sun

Today I have a soft peach makeup set from CAZIMI called Sunkissed which is available at The Liaison Collaborative until June 26th, 2020. Sunkissed comes with both Omega and system appliers. The bronzer comes in flushed and tanned shades which does have 3 transparency levels per color. The eyeshadows comes in pink, smoky peach and smoky pink that also comes with 3 transparency shades. It also comes with lipstick that comes in peach and pink along with the 3 transparency shades. This set is available for 250L and there is a demo available at the event to make sure it is the pack you want before purchasing because refunds aren't allowed. CAZIMI The Liaison Collaborative


My awesome bright eyeshadow is from CAZIMI called Electric. It comes with Omega appliers along with BOM. It has 8 neon colors to choose from along with 4 transparency levels. The eyeshadow is at Designer Showcase until June 28th for 250L. There is a demo that is available at the event before you buy it to make sure the colors are what you want/ CAZIMI Designer Showcase
My lipstick is also from CAZIMI called Everyday Lip Tint that you can find at the main store. CAZIMI