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Ending the month of September soon I figured I would have an early start to Halloween with having a dark theme.  The first thing is a black dress that says Nope not looking in white. The dress is from .lovelysweet. Boutique called The Softest Dress that is 99L on the marketplace. It does come with 7 other colors besides the one that I’m wearing. The mesh sizes the dress comes with is Hourglass, Maitreya, Physique, Venus, eBody, Freya and Isis.
The next thing is awesome dark nails that totally goes with my dark theme that I have going on here. The nails comes with some awesome designs on them that are all black or white. They are from CAZIMI called Morgan Nails that is at the mainstore. They have appliers for Belleza, Maitreya, Omega and Slink. There are 3 different color packs that comes with 5 textures for 143L each. They do have a fatpack that comes with all 15 textures for 376L.
The last thing I have for ya’ll is these white high heel shoes from Bishes Inc. They are called Storm t…


Hey Everyone. Today I have for ya’ll an aswesome underwater theme. Now to pull off the underwater theme you totally need the hair and the perfect outfit right? So today I have for ya’ll some items to show. The first thing up is a clear dress that has Valentine hearts on it. The dress is from TRS called Heart Dress in the Candy color pack. The dress has 22 color packs which each of them is 199L each and comes with a few color choices. It comes with mesh sizes for Altamura, Eve, Freya, Isis, Maitreya, Hourglass, Physique, TMP and Venus.
Don’t forget CAZIMI has awesome Classic Glitter Nails at Designer Circle which is ending today so you only have a few more hours to get the nails before they are in the mainstore. They come with appliers for Belleza, Maitreya, Omega and Slink. There are 3 color packs available with each having 5 colors but a total of 15 glitter nails with the fatpack that is 395L. The single packs are 150L each.

Clothing Info Dress: TRS Heart Dress – Candy (Price: 199L ea…

La Bella Boutique

The month of September is ending soon which I am super excited about seeing how Halloween is my favorite holiday ever. Today I figured why not make the most of September and end the month with a sexy piano scene so I have an awesome outfit to show ya'll. This outfit is awesome and it goes really well with some long hairs. It is from La Bella Boutique called Ali Rose which is a new release that you can find at the mainstore for 99L. Ali Rose comes with a low cut laced top and a lace skirt. It has mesh sizes for Freya, Isis, Hourglass, Maitreya, Physique and Venus.  Ali Rose comes with a color hud which has 14 top and shoe colors which means you can totally mix match them if you want like I did or make a full solid color outfit.
Ali Rose also comes with these cute high heel shoes that has a bow on the back of the shoes along with beaded pearls for the straps. The heels has sizes for Belleza, Maitreya and also for Slink. They do come with the complete outfit from La Bella Boutiqu…

Junk Food @ Vanity, TRS and **Mistique**

Since we all know purple is my favorite color I figuered I would take this opportunity again with purple. Today I have for ya'll a really cute dress and some purple decor.  The first thing is a short dress that is tied at the side and pulled back. The dress is from TRS called Margo in the Mixed color pack. It comes with mesh sizes for Altamura, eBody, Freya, Isis, Maitreya, Hourglass, Physique, TMP and Venus. The mixed color pack comes with 9 color choices for 199L at the mainstore. There are other color packs available such as Flowers, Garden, Unavailable 1 and Unavailable 2 which each of them is also 199L each.
Now for these awesome decor pieces I'm starting off with the purple furniture. It is from **Mistique** called Daybed Set Rose Purple. It comes with an awesome purple bed along some planters and table. The set does come with picture frames and rugs also. It is a couple bed which comes with 28 poses for 549L without the group. If you have the group you do get a discoun…

Down The Rabbit Hole

I decided today to hop on down to the rabbit hole with one of my favorite people ever which is Booboo Lovenkraft. Today i have for ya'll some awesome things that is Alice In Wonderland inspired.  I'm totally starting this out with sexiness. The first thing is from *CK* called Daddy's Sexy Alice. It is a complete outfit that comes with a sexy beaded bra along with a skirt that has bows on it. The outfit also comes with black and white socks with a red heart on them along with heels. It has mesh sizes for Freya, Hourglass, Isis, Maitreya and Physique. It is at the mainstoee for 320L and also comes with a bunny, playing cards and a hair bow.
The next thing that I have is these awesome glitter nails from CAZIMI called Classic Glitter Nails. These nails are totally awesome because I love glitter everything. They are at Designer Circle until September 29th, 2018. The nails has appliers for Maitreya, Omega, Belleza and Slink. There 3 packs available which each of them comes with…

Making A Wish Come True

Everyone has to make a wish for their birthdays so my wish was totally for loads of junk food. Today I have for ya'll some birthday fun along with a ton of other things. The first thing is a crochet top that shows some cleavage which has ruffles at the bottom along with a skirt that also comes with ruffles. The outfit is called Havana that is from *B.D.R.* and it is the August group gift which is at the mainstore. It comes with mesh sizes for Freya, Isis, Venus, eBody, Maitreya, Hourglass and Physique. Havana comes with 20 crochet colors that consists of solids and floral patterns.
So this next thing that I have is an awesome store called redMINT. It is a long hairstyle that comes with pigtails and long bangs called No. 40'15. It comes with a busty verison and also a regular verison. The color pack I'm using is in Blondes that comes with 15 amazing colors. It does come with a locks hud which means streaks and it does come with a ton of colors. The individial color packs i…

Rainy Days

I think everyone as kids decided to go out in the rain and have fun because that was my all time favorite thing to do as a kid. Whether it was riding bikes or just standing in the rain I was always outside. Today I decided to go back to the good old days when it comes to the rain so today I have for ya'll some items to show.  Hoodies and skirts you can't go wrong with so I have for ya'll a cute jean skirt. The skirt is from TRS called Jeans Skirt which is a group gift that you can find at the mainstore. It comes with mesh sizes for Freya, Isis, Maitreya, Hourglass, Physique, Tonic and Venus. The skirt does have regular mesh sizes. It has 6 skirt colors along with 10 button colors. The group joining fee is 100L for a one time fee.
The next thing I have is an updated hair from Truth called Char. It is a short style hair that is braided in the back. Char is available for the VIP gift that is 500L to join the group. It comes with all of the updated color packs and you get the…

Art Fun

Painting is loads of fun for everyone so today I decided to paint an awesome picture. When you paint you are suppose to use old clothing so you don’t get the paint on you but I figured why not paint in comfortable clothing. Today I have for yall some awesome things to show ya’ll.
The first thing is a long sweater that comes with cute blue jeans. Casual wear is totally my thing so this outfit is perfect. It is from *B.D.R.* called Grey Afternoon. The outfit is at the Sense Event until October 8th, 2018. The mesh sizes are Belleza, Regular mesh, Slink, Maitreya and TMP. It comes with 10 sweater colors along with 10 inner colors and 1 bonus texture. The jeans comes with 10 colors along with a bonus color tinter for the outfit. The outfit is 299L for both items and also some cute booties or 199L for just the sweater which does not come with jeans.
The next thing is cute boots which is part of *B.D.R.*’s Grey Afternoon outfit called Grey Afternoon Booties. The boots comes with mesh sizes …

Absolut Creation - EVE and CAZIMI

Today I decided to be sexy with an awesome dress and some really cute lingerie nails which totally fits the bedroom theme. 
The first thing is a short mini dress from Eve called Tia. Now the awesome thing about this dress is that it has the new strip - tease system which has become a new thing. The dress has mulitple strips options available from being fully clothes to nude. You have the option to make the dress public which means anyone can strip you when they want. Theres a owner option and invite which lets you pick who you want stripping you. It comes with mesh sizes for Maitreya and both Eve Slim and Puply sizes. There are 54 colors available ranging from solids to patterns. The fatpack is 850L but there is single color packs available. This dress is totally worth the fatpack price because then you can never use the same colors for a while.
If you are rocking a sexy dress you need hair to match it right? The next thing is a long wavy hairstyle which is totally adorable and I'…