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The first set that I have for you is from Refuge called Emme. It comes with 3 crates to sit on which each crate has a pillow on top of it. It also comes with a crate table along with two candles. There are 7 single sitting poses that comes with the crates. Each of the crates does come with a different pillow color. It is available at the main store.
The next set is also another Refuge called Aftermath which is totally worth playing for. It is a gacha that is available at the main store. There is one rare available which is the Wander Inn Sign. There are several other common items such as a pool sign, game room, fortune teller and car wash signs. The set also comes with 3 colors of a 4 point star.
The last Refuge item is the Eclipse set which are pews. The set comes with a full pew and a smaller pew that each comes with several female and male poses in each. This set you can also find at the main 
- Decor - Refuge Emme Set Refuge Aftermath Gacha Refuge Eclipse Set

Our Duet

The first thing is a floral corset dress called Floral Addiction from *B.D.R.* It is at the Sense Event until May 8th, 2019 for 150L. The theme for the round is spring. The dress has mesh body sizes for Belleza and Maitreya. it comes with 10 denim shades which has 5 floral and 5 solids. It also comes with 10 patterns and 5 solid colors which means  25 colors total. Each color whether its single or pattern comes with 2 lace options to mix and match.
The piano set is from MOoH! that is part of the Music Decor gacha set that is at the Twe12ve event until April 30th, 2019. There are 13 commons available and 2 rares. The piano that I'm using is one of the rares and the other rare is an upright piano with a bear. The gacha set is 50L a play.
The pose is from Something New called Our Duet. It is a couples pose which does come with the electric guitar prop and the microphone. The pose is also at Twe12ve until April 30th, 2019.

- Info - Outfit: *B.D.R.* Floral Addiction @ Sense Event until…

Cazimi @ UniK Event

The last set of cosmetics that I have for ya'll today are from Cazimi called Yun. Now this set comes with 10 shades of eyeshadows, eyebrow colors and nail sets. It also comes with a shape which is designed for LeLutka Piper mesh head. It is available at UniK which ends on April 28th, 2019. It has appliers for Belleza, Maitreya, Omega and Slink. This set does come with system appliers so don't worry if you don't have a compatible mesh head with the appliers. Make sure to check this set out before the event ends but it will be available at the main store after the event closes.

- Info - Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins Nephlyn - Lights - Sand  Eyes: Ikon Promise Eyes - Paradise  Hair: Jelly Roll Fiona – Brunettes Nails: Cazimi Yun Set @ UniK until April 28th, 2019 Mesh Head: [GA.EG] Jennifer Bento Mesh Head (Price: 2,800L) Mesh Body: Maitreya Lara (Price: 2,750L) Shape: 7 Deadly s{K]ins Judith (Price: 350L)
Pose Serendipity laura... (4 mirror)

Cazimi @ Redeux Event

My nails are from Cazimi called Pearlized which you can find at Redeux until April 21st, 2019. There are 5 pearl colors which comes with a shine for each of them. They are one of my favorite nail sets with them being different. They are 25% off during the event which means you can grab these nails for only 99L and won't be disappointed. It does have appliers for Belleza, Maitreya, Omega and Slink. 

- Info - Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins Nephlyn - Lights - Sand  Eyes: Ikon Promise Eyes - Paradise  Hair: Elikatira Only – Fiery Reds ( No Longer Sold) Nails: Cazimi Pearlized Nails @ Redeux until April 21st, 2019 Mesh Head: [GA.EG] Jennifer Bento Mesh Head (Price: 2,800L) Mesh Body: Maitreya Lara (Price: 2,750L) Shape: 7 Deadly s{K]ins Judith (Price: 350L)
Pose Serendipity penelope... (2)

Cazimi @ anyBODY

Today I have for ya’ll three posts coming up which are all from Cazimi that includes nails. This first one is a two toned set which comes with silver for the base color. There are 5 other colors that comes with the silver in this set. It is called Kalisha which is at anyBODY until April 30th, 2019. The nails are 250L and has appliers for Maitreya, Omega, Slink and Belleza.

- Info - Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins Nephlyn - Lights - Sand  Eyes: Ikon Promise Eyes - Paradise  Hair: Magika One Kiss  Nails: Cazimi Kalisha Nails @ anyBODY until April 30th, 2019  Mesh Head: [GA.EG] Jennifer Bento Mesh Head Mesh Body: Maitreya Lara  Shape: 7 Deadly s{K]ins Judith 
Pose FOXCITY Spotlight – 2

So Many Choices

The first thing up is some decor from Refuge which you can find these at the main store. The first is the Crystal Skull set. It is a skeleton which had crystals on top of the head. The crystals comes in 4 colors which is black, blue, green and purple. The next thing is the Eclectic Halloween Gacha set. There are 9 items up for grabs including a rare which is the halloween table. The other items includes a boo table stand, candlesticks, medical wall pictures and pumpkins. If you are into Halloween these items are the perfect setup for you.
The next items I have are all Junk Food. The first is Candy Bars which is available at the main store and comes with 4 types of candy bars. Next is Fruit Cocktail which is available at UniK until April 28th, 2019. If you click the fruit cocktail it gives you an animated or static bento animation. Next is the Meangles Cans which the skeleton has in its hand. The chip cans are available at Equal10 until May 5th, 2019. There are 6 flavors which they e…

Hanging Out

Both of the dresses are from \FTWB/ so I will start off with the blue. It is called Contrariwise Matisse in blue. The dress is available at the Versus Event which ends April 30th, 2019. It is for Maitreya mesh bodies and there is a free gift available. The pink and black dress is called Tamokshiki Bunneh in Dress pack 2. It is available at the main store and comes with mesh body size for Maitreya only. My hair is from Lamb called Sunshower in the Variety color pack. You get the option of either daisies in your hair or none. It does come with a style HUD that has 4 different styles. All of my makeup is from Cazimi in the Confection set. Now the set is part of the Bunny Hop hunt which runs until April 14th, 2019. There are 30 participating stores with 5 – 10 prizes per store. All prizes are hidden on one decorated sim. There are NO hints or clues and camming skills are a plus. The difficulty level is HARD and each prize is only 25L or less. The set will be available in store after the …