Movie Night

What better way to start out the weekend with relaxing to a movie night and eating popcorn. Tonight I decided to have a little bit of relaxing with my new cinema set and some buttery popcorn. I have for ya’ll some amazing things to show ya’ll including a cinema set.
Now when you are watching a movie it’s totally fine to wear comfortable clothing and hope you make it through the movie without passing out.  Tonight I decided to wear an awesome Unicorn Onsie from MOoH! which is the group gift for October. The onsie comes with 6 colors along with 3 pegasus wings which is adorable. It has mesh body sizes for Belleza, Slink, Maitreya and Tonic. There is regular mesh sizes available. There is a new raffle along with a 150L gift card for members and lucky chairs.

Now since Halloween is only a few days left I have for ya’ll some awesome Jack O Lantern nails from CAZIMI that you can find at the Spookzilla 2018 hunt for 25L. The hunt has no hints which makes it all the more fun. It comes with appliers for Belleza, Maitreya, Slink and Omega. There are 9 color packs available which each of them comes with 5 colors for 25L each. Besides the color pack I’m wearing there is Autumn Matte, Autumn Shine, Stripes, Glitter Tips, Drips, Gothique, Moonphase, Witch’s Brew and Monster Mash. 

Now to start off with these amazing decors that I have. The first one is an awesome flowery faerie chair from [CIRCA]. It is called Forest Fae Chair Set which is at the Swank event until October 31st, 2018 for a free anniversary gift.
The next thing is another [CIRCA] item which is two graves called "Grim Grave" Reaper and Duo Graves. There is also the single grave that is available which comes with a tree. Both of them are available at the mainstore.
I have some cute sunflowers that's in a milk can from [CIRCA] called Milk Can with Sunflowers which you can find at the mainstore for 150L.
Up next is a Captured Waters item called Another Round which is a skeleton that's sitting by a table drinking. Now this totally makes the perfect Halloween decor. It is a new item for October which is available at the mainstore along with a few more releases.

Now starting movie night out with a few adult beverages isn't a bad idea so I have for ya'll a Barrel Bar from Junk Food. It is available at the Blueprint Event until November 12th, 2018 for 200L. The bar does come with the sign and everything you see.

Now with Halloween you need pumpkins because it's fall season so I have a cute cart that's loaded down with pumpkins from [CIRCA] called Old Pumpkin Cart. It is at the mainstore for 300L.
Up next is another sunflower and pumpkin set from [CIRCA] called Sunflower & Pumpkin Set in the Cluster pack for only 300L.
Now I have 3 items to show ya'll which the first is a haystack couch set from Junk Food that is part of the Autumn Cinema Set which is at Seasons Story until October 31st, 2018. I will get into more detail about this set on the full scene picture.

Instead of having to get up for a refill I have an awesome mini fridge which totally saves you the time so you don't miss parts of the movie. It is from Junk Food and the mini fridges is at the Man Cave Event. Now the nice thing about these is that when you click on the door it opens and hands you out snacks from pizza, beer, sandwiches, left over lasagna and apples. There are 10 fridges for 250L each.

The next thing is a cute three stack pumpkin that comes with a broom from [CIRCA] called Fabric Pumpkin Stack. It is another item that is at the mainstore for 175L.
Now everyone has the munchies when it comes to going to the movies whether its actually going or staying at home and watching one. I have for ya'll a Popcorn Basket from Junk Food that is loaded with popcorn and comes with a drink and candy. The basket is at Equal10 until November 5th, 2018 for 150L each. There are 12 colored popcorn trays which comes with animated and rez options.
Now this plaid rug is from Junk Food and it is a gift available at Seasons Story which ends on October 31st, 2018 so you have a few more days to pick the rug out before it's gone.
Now to get back to that cinema set from Junk Food I was talking about. The Autumn Cinema Set comes with either buying the full set or in sections. The full set comes with a sectional hay couch that sits up to 4 people that has 9 different blanket textures. It comes with single hay bales that has 8 blanket textures. There are 3 couple blankets and 4 cinema screens. It comes with decor such as soda crates, bug spray, barrel, candy shelf and glowstick buckets. The full set is 1,200L which is not overly priced seeing how you get a ton of things. Now if you want the single packs the prices for the screens is 250L which comes in light or dark. The decor set is 175L and the blanket set is 300L. The sectional couch is 450L and the couch set is also 450L.

Clothing Info
Outfit: MOoH! Unicorn Onsie – October group gift
Skins: 7 Deadly s[K]ins Emmy Darks - Almond
Eyes: Ikon Promise Eyes - Paradise (Price: 150L)
Hair: Truth Elie (Price of VIP Group is 500L one time fee but there is 12 hair fatpacks a year)
Nails: CAZIMI Jack O Lantern @Spookzilla 2018 until October 31st, 2018  (Price: 25L)
Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara (Price: 2,750L)
Mesh Head: [GA.EG] Jennifer Bento Mesh Head (Price: 2,800L)
Shape: [GA.EG] Jennifer Bento Shape (Comes with bento head)

Junk Food Popcorn Basket @ Equal10 until November 5th, 2018 (Price: 150L each)
Junk Food Mini Fridge @ Man Cave Event (Price: 250L each)
Junk Food Barrel Bar @ Blueprint Event until November 12th, 2018 (Price: 200L)
Junk Food Autumn Cinema Set @ Seasons Story until October 31st, 2018 (Price: Full Set 1,200L. Screens is 250L each for light and dark. Décor set is 175L and Blanket Set is 300L. Autumn Sectional Set is 450L and the Autumn Couch Set is 450L.
Captured Waters Another round 
Captured Waters Of Interest
[CIRCA]  “Grim Grave” – Reaper & Duo Graves 
[CIRCA] “Oakfield” Fabric Pumpkin Stack – Porch Décor (Price: 175L)
[CIRCA] “Oakfield” – Milk Can with Sunflowers (Price: 150L)
[CIRCA] “Oakfield” – Sunflower & Pumpkin Set – Clusters (Price: 300L)
[CIRCA] “Oakfield” – Old Pumpkin Cart (Price: 300L)
[CIRCA] “Asteria” – Forest Fae Chair Set @ Swank until October 31st, 2018 (Anniversary Gift)

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