Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! My first favorite holiday is coming to an end today so to go all out with a bang I have an awesome zombie horror and creepy theme for ya'll along with some awesome Halloween decor. 
The first bloody item I have is an awesome must buy dress from Decoy called Andrea. The dress is available at the Salem event which does end today so you have a few more hours left. It comes with mesh body sizes for Maitrey and Hourglass only. There are 2 verisons to this dress which is the Tamed that does not have a lot of blood on it and the Massacre which is the dress I am using. It hs 8 textures for 250L each or 800L for the fatpack.

Now the next bloody thing is a ponytail hair from Astrology called Kara in the bloody solid colors. It is at the Spookzilla 2018 hunt which does end today. There are 10 color packs for 25L each along with having 2 other hair styles that you can get. There are no hints and each hair comes with 10 spit and 10 random colors.

The next thing I have totally goes with the blood theme. They are black nails with a design on them from CAZIMI called BotM (Vicky Debevec) Nails that is in Animal Print for 50L. The nails are available at the mainstore and comes with 5 black animal prints. It has appliers for Maitreya, Belleza, Omega and Slink.

Now the third bloody item is blood bags because zombies totally need some blood in order to survive. The blood bags are from Junk Food called Blood Bag Drink, They are available at the SaNaRae event until November 17th, 2018. There are 7 common blood bags and 3 rares that you can get for 50L a play.
My daybed is from Dreamland Designs called Hillsdale Daybed. The bed comes in PG and also adult verisons. It features a daybed and the ottoman with a cup of tea and a stack of book. I also have Shiny Metal Hourglasses which is also from Dreamland Designs, They are a collaboration between Dreamland Designs and Joolee Tee. It comes in 4 different metal colors for 150L.

Up next I have some Spookzilla items from Junk Food which is still available at the event until today so make sure to grab them. They range from bat bubbles, boo juice box, cake pops, geesebumps books, the Halloween rug, jar of spooky boo, monster slime, potion bottles and wands. They are 25L each.

The next thing is a Candy Cart which is also from Junk Food that is filled with candy. The cart is at the Panic of Pumpkin Okinawa Festival until November 1st, 2018. It is 275L and comes with a rez verison and also a verison that you can actually push the cart which comes with an AO.

Now since it is Halloween it is a major rule that candy bowls filled with candy is needed otherwise it wouldn't be Halloween. The candy bowls are also from Junk Food that is a new release for the month. They are at the mainstore for 350L which comes with 3 colors. The bowls also has 15 pieces of candy and all you gotta do is click on them to be given a candy.

Clothing Info
Dress: Decoy Andrea Dress @ Salem Event until October 31st, 2018 (Price: 250L per color or 800L fatpack)
Skins: 7 Deadly s[K]ins Emmy Darks - Almond
Eyes: Ikon Promise Eyes - Paradise (Price: 150L)
Hair: Astrology Kara – Bloody Solid Colors @ Spookzilla 2018 until October 31st, 2018 (Price: 25L) 
Face Makeup: Suicidal Unborn SickLove – Group Gift
Nails: CAZIMI BotM (Vicky Debevec) Nails – Animal Print (Price: 50L)
Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara (Price: 2,750L)
Mesh Head: [GA.EG] Jennifer Bento Mesh Head (Price: 2,800L)
Shape: [GA.EG] Jennifer Bento Shape (Comes with bento head)

Junk Food Candy Cart @ Panic of Pumpkin Okinawa Festival until November 1st, 2018 (Price: 275L)
Junk Food Candy Bowl (Price: 350L)
Junk Food Blood Bag Drink @ SaNaRae until November 17th, 2018 (Price: 50L a play)
Dreamland Designs Hillsdale Daybed (Price: 550L PG and 599L adult)
Joolee Tee/Dreamland Designs Shiny Metal Hourglasses (Price: 250L)
WIP Halloween 2 Decoration (Price: 1L)
Get Stuff Skeleton Pack Full Perm (Price: 250L)
**VS** Spider Full Perm (Price: 0L)
[ME] Mesh Spider Cobweb  (Price: 299L full perm)
Junk Food Spookzilla Items until October 31st, 2018 (Price: 25L a play)
Monster Slime
Jar of Spooky Boo
Wand Grey and Brown
Potion Bottles
Halloween Rug

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