Sunday, June 12, 2016

8i8 MD Hide Away Log & Hide Away Tea Set @ Gacha Good

Ever wanted to live in a fairy land house? The first picture is called Hide Away Log by 8i8. It is a house that has flower vines going from the top of it with little blue windows and also a blue door to it. If you ever wanted to live in a fairy house this one is perfect. The next one that goes along with the theme is called Hide Away Tea Set which is also from 8i8. It is a tiny tea set that comes with a blue and green flower rug. The chairs have a dark blue and light blue pattern to it and it also comes with a tiny table that has a set of tea to it. The items are from the Gacha Good Event which starts June 8th until June 30th.

Top Picture: 8i8 MD - 8i8 Bees Hide Away Log @Gacha Good
Second Picture: 8i8 MD - 8i8 Hide Away Tea Set @ Gacha Good

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