Beach Life

Living the beach life you can't ever go wrong with some hammocks and teepees because that is totally what beaches are suppose to have. My hammock from Raindale called Sunbury Hammock. The hammock only comes in the color that is shown. It has 20 solo animations along with 10 couple animations. The hammock is PG version only. It is available at the main store.

The teepee is another Raindale item called Beaumon Teepee. It comes with a few solo and couple animations. The teepee does come with 10 colors including the teepee, blanket and cushions. This set is the PG version. It is also available at the main store.

My chairs and firepit is part of the Beach gacha set from MOoH! which comes with a ton of gacha items that you can get. The gacha items ranges from chairs, towels plus even a hut that is the rare item in the set. You can find this set located at the main store.


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