Makeup Day

Halloween is coming to an end which means the end of October is nearing. Today I have for ya'll some colorful rainbow earrings from CAZIMI called Mandala. They are a group gift that is located at the main store. These earrings comes with 8 colors to choose between. Make sure that you are in the VIP group before trying to get them.

Halloween Earrings

The thing that I have for ya'll today is an awesome set of earrings from {TOF} called Spooky Heart. They are at The Darkness Event until October 28th, 2020. These earrings comes with 30 textures for the heart, hook, slime and words. These earrings are amazing for a Halloween theme let alone any time of the year actually. Make sure to grab them while the event is still running.

I'll Put A Spell On You

Pumpkin Town is coming to an end so I wanted to go all out with a bang that includes a witchy outfit.My outfit is from *B.D.R.* called Brujas Night. Now this outfit is for Spookzilla until October 31,st 2020. There are 7 items that you have to find which ranges from 0 to 25L. There are no hints for this hunt because that's what Spookzilla is all about and it's actually fun. The dress is #1 out of 7 and comes with mesh sizes for Belleza, Legacy, Maitreya, Signature and Slink. There are 7 colors that comes with the dress.The next is #2 out of 7 which is the heels that comes with mesh sizes for Belleza, Legacy, Maitreya, Signature and also Slink. There are 7 stockings colors and 5 heels.The next is #3 out of 7 which is a witch hat. Now this hat does come with the crows that I'm wearing but there is also another without them. The hat has 5 solid and 5 pattern colors.Next is #4 out of 7 which are tights that comes with Omega appliers and BOM. These tights comes in 6 colors that…

Pumpkin Town Day 2

Pumpkin Town is filled with tons of things to see and while I was there I thought this outfit I have for ya'll blends in perfectly with the Halloween theme.
My dress is from *B.D.R.* called Coven that is at the Dark Style Fair until October 31st, 2020. It is the perfect mini dress for witches. It comes with mesh sizes for Maitreya, Legacy, Slink and Belleza. Now for Belleza it only has Freya sizes available along with only Hourglass for Slink. The dress come s with 24 dress textures from solids to patterns. It also comes with a ton of colors for the harness and collar. There are 12 mix and match textures.
The next thing I have is Classic Beauty Marks from CAZIMI that is the VIP group gift from a few months ago. It does come with Omega appliers along with BOM. There are 4 beauty marks such as around the eyes, cheek, over the lips and under the lips.
The last thing is the final piece to my coven look. It is a Witches Brew cup that is from {TOF}. It is at Twelve until October 31s, 2020.…

Haunted House

This post will have a huge list of items that was used because well it's a haunted house which means tons of things to fill it up.MOoH! has an amazing spooky cat and skeleton gacha called Don't disturb the cat that is a part of Gacha Lifeuntil October 31st, 2020. It comes with 14 commons along with 2 rares. They are only 50L a play so make sure to check them out.
Raindale has a ton of items in this haunted house so I will list what all that I have for you.Stillmore Gacha Set (includes 11 commons and 1 rare house)bats (décor) 
cat (with lights)
ghosts (décor) 
gate (scripted) 
spiderweb (décor) 
Nevermire Gacha Set (includes 11common and 1 rare house) stacks of cauldrons  book of spells  broomsticks (décor)  gravestones  potions  cauldron 
The Trick or Treat gravestone along with the exclusive Scarecrow are both at the Trick or Treat Lane. The scarecrow you can click it off an on. The event runs until November 1st, 2020.

Nightmoors set includes a lantern with a mirror version plus animated s…

Pumpkin Town

My candle is from CAZIMI called Autumn Vibes Candle. It comes with a holdable and rez options. The candle has 4 glass options, 10 labels and 15 wax colors. You can find it at the main store.

My outfit is from MOoH! called Rebecca that is the FabFree group gift. It is a mini dress that comes with thigh socks. The outfit has sizes for eBody, Belleza, Maitreya, Slink and regular mesh sizes. It has 5 dark plaid colors to choose from.

Halloween Heaven

Halloween is my ultimate favorite holiday ever so today I have for ya'll a Halloween theme.
My dress is from *B.D.R.* called Solana. It is a long style dress that slits down on the right side. Solana is at Sense until October 8th, 2020. It comes with or without the top ruffles. There are 16 pattern textures and 22 solid colors to choose from. It comes with mesh sizes for Belleza, Legacy, eBody, Maitreya, Slink and Tonic. *B.D.R.* Sense
My eyebrows are from CAZIMI called Harper Brows in the Naturals pack. They come with 8 eyebrow colors to choose from. There are Omega appliers along with baked on mesh. They also come with brow shapers for Catwa, Genus and LeLutka. You can find these at the main store along with the demo. CAZIMI
The Party Glasses are from {TOF}  that is exclusively available at TWE12VE until September 31st, 2020. There are 12 colors for the cup plus 12 straw colors to choose between. These cups do come with a pose. You can mix and match the cups or make them just one soli…